Negligent security cases involve persons who are attacked or subject to other criminal or intentional acts of third persons on someone else’s property. Generally, these incidents occur on large residential properties (i.e., apartment or condominium complexes) or commercial properties (i.e., shopping malls and department stores). Residential landlords in Florida have some responsibility to protect their tenants (and sometimes their guests) from the criminal acts of fellow tenants and third parties.

While property owners cannot always prevent other persons from committing criminal acts on their property, they do have a duty to keep the property under their control in a reasonable safe condition, and to take actions to prevent forseeable acts of violence. In many circumstances, this duty includes the employment of trained security guards to routinely patrol the premises for threats to tenants and invited guests.

If you were injured in an attack on someone else’s property, you should consult with attorneys experienced in handling negligent security cases. The attorneys at this firm are prepared to use their experience in these matters to prosecute your claim.