Nursing home neglect matters generally include physical or emotional abuse, or neglect of elderly adults residing in long term in-patient assisted-living facilities or nursing homes. Gross neglect in nursing homes is a growing problem in the United States, resulting in serious injuries and even death of many retired and elderly citizens. This problem is particularly relevant to the State of Florida, given its large population of seniors and retirees.

The causes of injury to the elderly range from intentional abuse and gross misconduct, to neglectful conduct of undertrained nursing home staff. Many nursing homes in the State of Florida are simply understaffed and unequipped to handle the large influx of patient population.

Claims against most nursing homes and assisted living facilities are governed by Chapter 400 of the Florida Statutes. Fla. Stat. §400.0233 requires that certain pre-suit procedures are followed and notice is given prior to the filing of a formal lawsuit.

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