Products liability covers a broad spectrum of cases involving consumers who have been injured by dangerous or defective products. Many of these cases involve firearms, unsafe home appliances and furnishings, consumer products, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, defective automobiles, and industrial, mechanical, and/or electrical equipment. Depending on the unique circumstances of a particular case, claims for defective products can be brought against the manufacturer or distributor in strict liability, negligence, and/ or breach of warranty.

The three main categories of dangerous or defective products are:

(a) Design defects: products that are inherently dangerous by design.

  • (b) Manufacturing defects: products that were properly designed but manufactured or built in such a fashion that they became unsafe for consumer use.
  • (c) Marketing defects: products that are or may be dangerous if used in certain manners and do not contain adequate warnings.
  • Our firm has the resources and infrastructure to effectively represent individuals injured by a single dangerous product or class action suits for multiple persons injured by a defective product line.